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Blade Questions



 Our Triple Chip Grind Blades have a trapezoidal tip
that cuts a groove with slanting sides. This is followed up by a square
top tip that makes the side of the groove square. The first tooth, or lead
tooth, has a double 45 degree angle corner bevel. This is followed by a flat
topped raker tooth ground lower than the lead tooth. The raker tooth removes
the corners left on both sides by the beveled lead tooth. Key Blades Triple
Chip Grind blades combine a balanced cutting force, low tooth drag and free
chip flow. This helps to eliminate chipping in brittle material such as chip
board, and laminates. The Blade divides the chips to achieve smooth cuts
in hard materials such as MFC, Compact Laminates and Solid Surface.   

 No, unfortunately not.  


 Yes you can.  


 We use DHL Parcel, DHL Express and DPD

Yes we ship internationally with DHL Express. To select preferred
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