Stabila STB-16333 Type 96-2 120cm/60cm Twin Spirit Level Pack - STB-16333 (SET)

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Product Description

This set is comprised of two of the most popular Stabila Type 96-2 levels -a 60cm and a 120cm level. The Stabila Type 96-2 is an extra strong robust lightweight spirit level featuring a rectangular profile with gripping ridges for extra strength and positive finger-grip, with electrostatic powder coating for scratch resistance and easy cleaning.

Box Contains

1 x STB96-2-60 60cm spirit level
1 x STB96-2-120 120cm spirit level

Stabila 96-2 Duo Set - for Work with High Demands

Stabila spirit levels are constructed with a fixed moulded vial which measures absolutely accurately even under demanding conditions – no readjustment necessary. For this reason craftsmen worldwide trust our spirit levels. At Stabila, every craftsman finds the right spirit level: depending on his requirements and application needs – light or tough, short or long, up to and including special spirit levels which are intended completely for one trade.