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BORA WTX Rip Guide with Bora Saw Plate - BOR544008

BORA WTX Rip Guide with Bora Saw Plate - BOR544008

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The Bora Circular Saw Plate and Rip Guide System includes two of our most popular woodworking pieces – our one-of-a-kind saw plate, and our rip guide and handle. Together, these make for a sawing system that allows you to make straight cuts up to 24” in width (at almost any length), quickly and easily, and without your saw binding. The saw plate attaches to almost any circular saw, and the rip guide then attaches to the front. You then adjust your width, lock it into place, and go! The handle makes cutting easy, and for added versatility, the saw plate can even be used with our WTX Clamp Edge (or other straight edges). No woodworking shop or circular saw user should be without this combination pack. If you’ve never used a saw plate or similar before, you’re in for a treat, and we promise, you’ll never go back to the old (and decidedly uneven) way of pencils and eyeballing it again.

EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR PERFECTLY STRAIGHT CUTS – The saw plate / saw sled attaches to your circular saw at three different points, and the rip guide and handle then attach to the plate.

ADJUSTS EASILY – The included ruler guide serves two purposes – to keep your saw parallel to the edge of your material, and also set the measurement. The included handle makes it easy to lock and guide, as well as help push your saw without binding.

WORKS WITH ALMOST ANY MAKE/MODEL CIRCULAR SAW – Works with most popular make and model circular saw, both in right handed and left handed configuration.

VERSATILE – You can easily make straight cuts of any length up to 24” wide. In addition, the saw plate works with our WTX Clamp Edge, as well as many other straight edge guides.

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