Bosch S1122EF Flexible Reciprocating Saw Blades for Metal 225mm (5 Pack)

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Bosch S1122 EF (2608656020) Flexible Sabre Saw Blade For Metal 225mm (5 Pack)

The Bosch 2608656020 is a pack of 5 S1122EF reciprocating saw blades for metal. These blades are optimised for flush cutting in metal, providing a cutting capacity of up to 175mm. They can cut steel materials with the most common wall thicknesses thanks to the blade’s fine tooth pitch (1.4 mm).


  • BIM, side set, milled
  • For thin sheet metals (1.5-4 mm), pipes/profiles (diameter
  • Flexible blade (bi-metal) for flush cut
  • Long life
  • Pack of 5


  • Material: BIM
  • Tooth design: side set, milled
  • Tooth spacing [mm] / TPI: 1.4 / 18
  • Dimensions LxWxT (mm): 225 x 19 x 0.9
  • Areas of application: thin sheet metals (1.5-4 mm), pipes/profiles (diameter
  • Qty: Pack of 5